Just 1 degree. Why it matters

Humans are awful at seeing the big picture. We can say that there is 100 thousand million stars in the galaxy, but the number is so huge it’s quite unfathomable. Similarly, when we talk about climate change, the impact it will have on our lives is so hard to comprehend, most of us don’t even bother.

That’s why sometimes you will hear a person say ‘2 degrees. So what if the climate got warmer. Less to pay for the heating bill’.

But here’s the problem: 2 degrees could mean you don’t even have a house to heat anymore. And it’s not some scare tactics. No matter where you live, you will be affected. NASA as already warned us about the dangers of even a half of a degree change  in global temperatures.

I know, I know. It’s hard to comprehend. But let’s try and take it step by step.

Stories vs Numbers

While people are in fact not good at evaluating big numbers, stories help us a great deal in understanding those numbers.

So, imagine you are a mammoth. Your family has adapted to living in the Ice Age. One day, you sit down with your grandpa Mammoth and he tells you how the world has changed since he was a kid. How it’s warmer now and how many problems that has resulted in. For example, the expansion of two-legged creatures that hunt you for food. And the melting ice, cutting you from main lands.

This was 10,000 years ago. And all it took was 4 degrees Celsius to cause the end of the Ice Age.

The situation has changed

Naturally, it was great for our ancestors. Eventually, the rising temperatures did aid in you and me appearing on this planet. However, we miss a very important detail now.

In today’s ‘Ice Age’ scenario, we are not the homo sapiens. We are the mammoths.

First, 63% of human population and over 40% of Americans live on a shoreline or within 5 miles a water source like rivers, seas and oceans.

Various sources claim that temperatures already rose by 0,8-0,9 degree Celsius in the last 100 years.

Even though it’s only one degree, it has resulted in record breaking hurricanes, wild fires, storm, tornados and floods. And these were not one-time events.

All I ask is not to be ignorant. This may well be the most important, human-life depending issue of our generation. And I won’t be telling you what to do. Simply, I just want to encourage you to stay proactive and join the fight to stop the global warming. Whether you choose to donate through originations you support, or you play games using this link, you will be helping out.

Don’t think that organizations and governments will fix everything eventually. It all starts with an individual, I all starts with you and me.


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