What Can YOU Do to Help the Environment?

All of us have heard of various threats the environment experiences every day. Some people say that if you want to change the world, you must change yourself first. We‘ve collected a list of tips on how to change your daily ways to help the environment.

  1. STOP leaving half-full plates in restaurants. Ask the waiter to pack the rest of your portion to take it home and finish it later. Always have an empty lunch box with you not to use a disposable plastic box.
  2. LEAVE your car in the backyard. Walk, jog, cycle… Or, if your work isn‘t as close to your home as you’d like it to be, use public transport or collaborate with your colleagues who live nearby and share your ride.
  3. RESIST the temptation to put individual items into separate plastic bags. Do you really, really need a bag for bananas, lemons or a pineapple?
  4. GO mobile/FORGET about paper. Remember all those cards you used to carry in your wallet? Now there are mobile apps that function just the same. This also goes for papers, magazines and books. Fancy casino games? Pay for them by phone.
  5. TAKE time to find ways to re-use your old stuff before throwing it away. Old book shelves can find place in your garage, old broken baskets, buckets or flower pots can be brought back to life with a few brushes and paint and look amazing in your garden.
  6. DON’T buy bottled water. In most areas the tap water is perfect for us to drink, so there’s no point spending money on bottled water. And throwing that bottle away later.
  7. FALL in love with vintage clothes. Second-hand stores are full of hidden treasures, so there‘s no need to spend your savings on the new stuff.
  8. ORGANIZE clothes swap parties. Who doesn’t own clothes they don‘t wear anymore (or have never put on), but just don‘t feel like throwing them away? Encourage your friends to pack their bags and bring clothes and accessories they are willing to give away. If it’s too hard to bring people together in the same place at the same time, take pictures of the stuff and post them online. We can assure you that there‘ll definitely be somebody who will be more than happy to take them.

Post Author: Sandy Kenya

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