Climate Change: What Can We Do?

Climate change is a global issue, and it’s one that’s been brought about by us, humans, and all of our endeavours to build on and change the natural world.

Each day we damage our world a little more, and there’s no way undoing what’s already been done, but is there anything we can do to help lessen the damage?

Make homes more energy efficient

home energy

Our homes create a huge amount of CO2. Our heating and use of electricity get a little extensive some times, and this definitely isn’t doing our planet any good. By making our homes more energy efficient, we’ll reduce our carbon footprint and lessen the damage we’re doing in terms of climate change.

There are plenty of energy efficient options out there, like energy efficient light bulbs for examples. There are also lifestyle changes we can make to be more energy efficient, like hanging our clothes out to dry rather than putting them in the dryer, or turning off the heating and layering up.

By generating sustainable energy with solar panels and wind turbines, our everyday usage doesn’t have to have such a negative impact on the environment.

Rethink our methods of transportation

It’s so easy to jump in the car and go, but cars release much more CO2 than we realise, and most of the time, we don’t even really need to use them.

Across the world there are so many different forms of public transport, from buses to trains, to trams and even boats, there’s no need for us to use cars as much as we do.

If we all made an effort to use public transport, we could make a huge difference to climate change. It might even be quicker and cheaper to do so at times.

If you have to travel by car though, think about carpooling with other people from your work. The less cars there are on the road, the less damage we’re doing to the environment.

women in car

Be greener in offices and schools

Our paper habits in the workplace, and particularly in schools, definitely aren’t doing anything to help combat climate change.

We use more paper than we need, with hand-outs and contracts being printed rather than viewed digitally, and universities not accepting assignments that have been printed double sided.

Trees help combat CO2 levels, and help put more oxygen back into the air, so deforestation for resources is doing more harm than good.

Post Author: Sandy Kenya