How Climate Change Is Changing India Forever

If there is one problem which can be classified as a global crisis, it is climate change.

All those deadlines and possibilities we thought were going to hit the future are already here, and are less than a decade away.

One country which will be impacted the most by this phenomenon is none other than the host of the second largest population in the world: India.

This article will explore the multiple ways climate change will affect the life, resources, and the economy of the India people.

The Economy

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However, the economy still relies strongly on conventional sources like agriculture, textile, and supply of labor. Climate change can have a major impact on an economy so reliant on its primary produce.

For starters, the supply of fresh water will become an issue because of the rise in demand of the increasing population.

This factor, combined with the loss of arable land in the near future due to over farming and unfavorable climatic conditions will result in massive loss in supplies, and if a country like India becomes dependent on imports it will tend to gravely upset the balance of the global economy.

The Resources

Political tensions resulting from a marked history with its neighbor, Pakistan, has always kept India in the race for obtaining superior military technology, which is why it has heavily invested in its military.

In addition, India has to finance a handsome debt every year, so its financial sources have to be capitalized on optimally.

Climate Change India Conference

With climate change rendering the primary sector ineffective, the service sector will have to carry the major share of jobs and managing the resources.

This will not only drain most of India’s financial sources, but also end up creating an imbalance in the society with people struggling for jobs and earning a living.

And if the situation deteriorates to such a level, the goal of India to reduce its carbon footprint and make energy production cleaner will be lost among the crisis.

The Life

The standard of living of the Indian people should not be judged by its GDP per capita of $1,800 because it has the most number of slums and places with unavailability of fresh water in the world.

And with the climatic conditions spiraling downwards at an unprecedented pace, you can expect life to become more miserable for the people belonging to these less fortunate areas of the country.

For starters, the heat will become unbearable at the pace the climate of India is being polluted, and the people will have to struggle to earn a decent living every day.

And if nothing is done about the climate starting today, then fresh air will also become an amenity for the fortunate only.

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