climate change

Just 1 degree. Why it matters

Humans are awful at seeing the big picture. We can say that there is 100 thousand million stars in the galaxy, but the number is so huge it’s quite unfathomable. Similarly, when we talk about climate change, the impact it will have on our lives is so hard to comprehend, most of us don’t even […]

How Climate Change Is Changing India Forever

If there is one problem which can be classified as a global crisis, it is climate change. All those deadlines and possibilities we thought were going to hit the future are already here, and are less than a decade away. One country which will be impacted the most by this phenomenon is none other than […]

Environmental issues

Gambling with environment

  Environmental issues are becoming more and more noticeable. Sadly, many people have daily habits which can them even bigger. Learn more about them here. There is no doubt that environmental issues are a big problem. At least there should be no doubt. However, some people still think that it is not true, and that […]


The Ultimate Approach for Global Warming

Not everybody is prepared to feel that global warming is in fact happening. International warming is related to life on earth. Sometimes it is considered as useful also. It is a biggest and serious issue that requires an immediate action. It is also important as it will help in keeping the heat, people die, mainly […]


The Downside Risk of Marine Pollution That No One Is Talking About

Marine Pollution – something you must know about The Gold Coast, Australia is among the greatest places on earth to see humpback whales in action. The local beach is an excellent place to begin learning about the marine atmosphere. Despite being the biggest ocean on the planet, the Pacific Ocean wasn’t known to the Europeans […]


Isn’t climate change affected by humans only?

Global warming is a problem that needs immediate action. Scientifically, it refers to an increase in the earth’s average surface temperature, one aspect of climate change. The climate is so extreme that such kind of extremes aren’t found anywhere else on earth. By far it has the very best climate. Looking at natural elements, climate […]


How Do Animals Survive in Global Warming?

Warnings of global warming include images of poorly polar bears, and threats of extinction. Global warming has been happening for hundreds of years, and animals so far have struggled but succeeded in coping, so how have animals managed to survive? Migration Some animals, like red foxes, butterflies, and some fish species, that are used to […]


Climate Change: What Can We Do?

Climate change is a global issue, and it’s one that’s been brought about by us, humans, and all of our endeavours to build on and change the natural world. Each day we damage our world a little more, and there’s no way undoing what’s already been done, but is there anything we can do to […]